Shanghai Corrosion Resistant material Company is
specialized in selling welding consumables and technology
service. Since its inception, it has supply the customers from
 domestic with world-class welding consumables.
The welding consumables we provide can support all kinds of
bad engineering environment, such as ultra-high temperature,
strong corrosion or poisonous erosion. The products are wildly
used in Petrochemical Plants, Power Plants and all other kind
 areas, such as drilling holes, gas turbine parts, aerospace,
and high temperature combustion chamber for aviation
engines. They are also suited for Nuclear Power Plants, Power
Plants, Military weapons, Oil Refining and all kinds of chemical
Our company is authorized by Arcos Industries as the welding
consumable distribution in China.
Located in Mt. Carmel, Pennsylvania, America, ARCOS
INDUSTRIES is a company with 90 histories famous in
manufacturing welding consumables in the world. Its factory
ends the whole process production line itself, including The
drawing, pickling, annealing and complete testing equipment.
strict quality system assures the products from raw material to
finished products traceable. Since ARCOS INDUSTRIES was
set up in 1919, because of its stable and high quality, it has
already achieved ISO 9001 Quality System Certification, ASME
Nuclear Security System Certification, and also become only
qualified supplier for American Navy Amy. Our products won
the praise of our customers because of its outstanding
performance and stable and standard quality.

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